Charcoal Soap Bar & Body Scrub- Busting the Myths

If you are the one who follows the latest beauty trends, you might have surely noticed an increase in the number of products that have charcoal as an active ingredient. Right from; teeth whitening toothpaste to charcoal soap bars, activated charcoal seems to be on the top of the marketing aisle.

Well, when a product is hyped so much that you see it at every nook and corner, it naturally attracts rumours to surround it. These myths and rumours raise the question as to what is so special about an activated charcoal soap bar or mask?

Charcoal Soap Bar

In this blog, we will discuss a few myths related to exfoliating soaps, scrubs, and body butter that have activated charcoal as the main ingredient and what’s so special about them.

So, let’s quickly jump onto the topic.

Is Activated Charcoal an Odour Absorbing Agent?

Though activated charcoal is a common ingredient in deodorants, it doesn’t absorb the bad odour. Some marketers claim that activated charcoal found in deodorants tout its moisture and absorbs the odour. However, if you look at the studies and researches, you won’t find a single research backing this absurd statement.

Does Charcoal Soap Bar Strip Off Oils from Skin?

Another absurd claim that many marketers make is that exfoliating soaps that have activated charcoal as the main ingredient strips all the oil from the skin. However, it is not completely true.

A charcoal soap bar extracts the dirt and impurities from the pores. It removes excess oil but that doesn’t mean that it strips your skin of the natural oils. Instead, you have to moisturize your skin with lotions and creams after having a nice bathing session using exfoliating soaps.

We hope you have got some clarity on exfoliating soaps with activated charcoal as the main ingredient. If you need a charcoal soap bar, consider checking Sweat Pretty Soap.