Soap & Dish Bundle
Soap & Dish Bundle
Soap & Dish Bundle
Soap & Dish Bundle
Soap & Dish Bundle
Soap & Dish Bundle

Soap & Dish Bundle

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Things feel better when they last longer. 

Enjoy the 2-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating bar longer by keeping it fresh and dry with the eco-friendly bamboo fiber dish.

Save 10% with this bundle  that helps preserve the life of your luxury handmade soap bar  by keeping it clean and off of countertops.




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Soap & Dish Bundle Soap & Dish Bundle Soap & Dish Bundle

Includes one 2-in-1 Deep Cleansing exfoliating soap and one eco-friendly bamboo dish.

2-in-1 Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Soap

This soap bar is everything you've dreamed of and more. It deeply cleanses, with the right amount of poppy seeds for a gentle exfoliation. It's nourishing and moisturizing for all skin types.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Soap Dish

Made from bamboo fiber and corn starch, without plastic or chemicals. Our ceramic and bamboo soap dish holder is very easy to clean as the tray and base are two separate pieces, and soap doesn’t stick to the point it’s hard to pick up like most dishes.

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soap bundle

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Sweat Pretty Soap

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